Volunteer for the INWC

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Sixty cents of every dollar received by the INWC goes directly into Wildlife Conservation efforts in the Inland Northwest. The Wildlife Council is a 501c(4) and employs professional lobbying efforts to represent the position of its members in legislative
efforts related to Conservation, Animal Habitat, Public Land Rights and other key issues. In addition, INWC programs provide youth mentorship, habitat restoration, game management support, and even food for the homeless. Your support is appreciated! Every dollar helps us provide outdoor recreational opportunities today and into the future!

What You Can Do

When you volunteer with the Inland Northwest Wildlife Council the benefits that you receive extend far beyond your personal life.  You are helping to preserve local fish, wildlife, and habitat for generations to come.  Each month you will receive our newsletter with project updates, tips, outdoor stories, and our calendar of upcoming events.  Our volunteer group meets on the first Tuesday of each month, our meetings include guest speakers and reports from our project committee chairs.  Our members also have the opportunity to take part in the Big Horn Show, the largest, VOLUNTEER RUN, outdoor adventure show in our area.  This show creates a major outreach opportunity in addition to raising funding for all of our annual projects.  Join our conservation team and together we can make a lasting difference for the Inland Northwest!