Mentoring Program

Mentoring Programs


 By participating in lifelong activities and by being active in INWC’s missions of working with wildlife, fish and habitat in an ethical manner INWC members have gained valuable experience and enjoyed many pleasant experiences in our great outdoors.  This mentoring program is intended to share member’s experiences with others who have a similar desire, but lack knowledge or ability, to pursue and enjoy their outdoor ambitions.

INWC members’ experience and passions result in many areas of expertise.  This program is available to all members. Activities may be undertaken on an individual basis rather than that of a standing committee level. Possible activities may include, but are not limited to: photography, backpacking, bird watching, mushroom hunting, fishing, archery, muzzle loading, target shooting or other hunting, etc.  Members are encouraged to share their skills with others under the attached provisions.

For more information contact our office (509) 487-8552 or