Volunteer Opportunity – Birch Tree Planting

Volunteer Birch Tree Planting Project for Sharp-tailed Grouse Winter Habitat   When:  October 23, 2021, 9:00 AM – 2:30 PM Where:  Telford Management Area, BLM Public Lands in Lincoln County, WA. *RSVP requested by Oct. 15.  Volunteers are needed to:   1) Lay out and stake down weed mat on ground, 2) Use motorized hand augers to drill planting holes, 3) Plant 90 water birch trees, 4) Construct enclosures around the trees using t-posts and hog panels.    Light refreshments will be provided.   The project will improve riparian habitat for sharp-tailed grouse, migratory songbirds, and mule deer. Water birch (Betula occendentalis) provides critical winter habitat for sharp-tailed grouse, a state-threatened species.  The project is coordinated with the Swanson Lakes Wildlife Area and will support an existing population of approximately 50 sharp-tailed grouse. The project is located on Lake Creek alongside wetlands that were restored by Ducks Unlimited in 2009. Birch trees planted in 2010 are thriving on-site, and we will add 90 more!